Biostat Laboratories has a strong and abiding commitment to conducting its affairs in accordance with applicable law and routinely implements, reviews and revises policies within its Corporate Compliance Program to encourage a culture of prevention, detection, and prompt and complete resolution and remediation of conduct to conform to state and federal, government and private health care program requirements and to continue to work toward the highest ethical ideals of industry and business practices.

BioStat encourages any person dealing with BioStat, within or outside the company, who experiences activity suspected of violating any government or private health care program requirements or who experiences activity suspected of not meeting the highest standards of business practice or ethics in the healthcare industry is encouraged by BioStat to report the activity to the BioStat Program Integrity Unity by telephone, in writing or online.

A member of the Biostat Laboratories – Program Integrity Unit will review and investigate any reports involving fraud, abuse, waste or unethical industry or business practices. In this process, Biostat Laboratories will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of any person making a report and the information reported except as required by persons within the company with special clearance who are involved in investigating the report or as otherwise required by federal or state law.

To make a report:

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